Work Together With Staff To Do Health & Safety Better

It's the small business owners and managers that get their staff involved with making sure the work is safe that make a huge difference to how safe the work actually is.

They talk about the work with each other and are always looking for ways to improve things. These discussions often result in a better, safer and even more profitable way to do jobs or tasks.

PeopleSafe makes it much easier to work together

Keep track of the everyday things, ideas and solutions you come up with that makes work safer. Add notes to staff records, attach documents and even photos. PeopleSafe keeps everything in order with simple processes to follow. Every staff member can log in to PeopleSafe, which means they can help reduce the amount of work an owner or manager has to do. Saving time and helping them own the fact that safety is everyone's job, not just yours!

Instead of your staff waiting to let you know about the things that happen or ideas they have, PeopleSafes' TXT-in lets them add things straight into PeopleSafe via txt message. That way you don't forget or lose those important details and brilliant ideas.

Great benefits that make it easier to work together

  1. Get access anywhere
    PeopleSafe is cloud based, so it's available from any desktop computer, tablet or smart phone
  2. Free video training
    Great training videos in PeopleSafe to help you get key safety messages across to all staff
  3. PeopleSafe TXT-in is ready to go
    Add reminders and things into PeopleSafe on the go
  4. All your staff can use PeopleSafe
    It's not just up to you, PeopleSafe is for every staff member. Share the load and work together safely.

All staff get their own login

Every staff member that you add into PeopleSafe gets their own PeopleSafe Profile, their own username and a password. This gets them set up so they can be involved with making safety 'hum' in your business. Most of your staff will have a standard login which lets them do a few key things around working together with you. Here's what they can do:

  • Report accidents and injuries (Tell Your Story)
  • Update their personal and emergency contact details
  • Complete tasks
  • Do online learning (video + quizzes)
  • View 'documents’ you share with them
  • Take a look at the 'Hazards' around the work they do
  • Make sure they know the 'Big Risks' and control plans in place
  • View your organisation contacts

Sign up to PeopleSafe and get started

When you sign up to PeopleSafe you're getting access to the amazing software that you’ve always wanted but thought only a big business could afford. We know that you’ll love it.

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