PeopleSafe is Cloud Software and a Mobile App that is common-sense, fast and even fun!

Your health and safety process sorted

Use the PeopleSafe health and safety policy to make your commitment to following our simple processes to find and manage your risks.

Real easy to get your team involved

Your team can download the mobile app and start having conversations and communicating safety events today.

One place for all your safety information

No hassles or stress to get your business up and running. In under an hour you'll have a tool that brings everything together to make work safer.


The PeopleSafe Approach to Health and Safety


Keep things simple

It's the basics that make work safer. By keeping things simple you can take action around the issues that matter.

Manage real world risks

Keep focused on the big stuff that is most likely to hurt people. Forget the crazy what if, never in a million years risks.

Make everyone responsible

Making sure everyone knows how they can make a difference. If things are risky, they need to speak up. If there is a plan to stay safe, you need to follow it.

Our Tell Your Story® Process
provides simple steps to help
you make work safer

Easy to Tell Your Safety Story

Safety plans share how to keep safe

Emergency plans for when things go bad


Tell Your Story®
your Mobile App for Staff

Our Common Sense Safety Habits work together
with the PeopleSafe Software

Fast recording of safety events

Simple safety plans at their finger tips

Emergency plans just in case

Safer, healthier work starts with
conversations about the risks

PeopleSafe makes sure those conversations happen.


Easily record safety stories that happen to staff

The mobile app makes it easy for you to collect the stories that happen in your business. It takes less than 30 seconds.


Simply record the decisions you make about those stories

When you make decisions around managing your risks, keeping records helps. We call them Safety Plans.


Communicate changes or updates quickly without paper

We help you kick start safety conversations. The software kicks paperwork to touch.