PeopleSafe is made by people who are passionate about creating simple tools that help make work safer

Since launching PeopleSafe in April of 2011, we have helped tens of thousands of people tell their story and make work safer. We challenge the status quo and old school safety approach to help put the focus back onto people, not paper work or stupid compliance. In fact it's not anything to do with numbers or statistics, it's about people, their stories and their health and their safety.


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Safer work stories happen when you Tell Your Story®

We are committed to making it easy for you to Tell Your Story® about the safety and health stuff in your business.

We reckon most of the time when stuff happens they close their eyes. cover their ears or shut their mouths.   We want those stories told, because it's by having conversations about real life issues that things can get sorted.

Tell Your Story is about keeping it real. It lets anyone tell their story about what has happened at work. They don't have to become a Health and Safety expert to make sure they categorize everything right. The important thing is actually finding out what's happening on the job.


Technology makes a huge difference

We know that it's peoples actions and behaviour that makes the difference to how safe the work is.  Using technology allows you to fix a heap of practical issues that can save you time and make sure that you can easily find and share important safety information.

Using technology allows your team enter things directly into your safety system. If you're worried about what they might say, then PeopleSafe probably isn't for you!   We think it's essential to know what is happening where the real work happens. PeopleSafe lets everyone let you know what's really going on in your business.


People and culture beats compliance - everytime

"Oh, yes talk to Bob he looks after our Health and Safety" is something we hear too often. A compliance approach put s single person in charge of health and safety, lots of rules follow and people hate them. We think that you need to get everyone involved in looking out for each other and actually behaving safely. This is a culture change for most businesses but it's worth the effort.