Be Sure Your Staff Are Trained For The Work They Do

Getting the job done is critical in a small business. Often your people will need to pitch in and help out with jobs or tasks that are over and above their normal job just so everyone can get through the work. You need to know that the people you ask to do the work are up for the job. 

The 'she’ll be right' approach to hoping that people have the skills and know how to do the job safe is really old school. These days it's super important that you can prove that you’ve thought about the work and made sure your people are trained.

Make sure your staff are trained for the work

We know there are a range of things that you need to keep track of with your staff. From inductions, licenses, NZQA qualifications, on and off the job training, in-house training, online training…etc.  Let alone keeping track of when they expire!

PeopleSafe not only makes sure that you have the proof of all this stuff but it also provides you with online video learning that will help keep both you and your staff up to date with safety issues that face small business.

You can also easily add your own videos and create online learning for staff to complete. Meaning that you clearly have proof of what your staff have been shown. 

Great benefits that make sure your staff are trained

  1. All training in one place
    Easy to show they've got the skills needed for the job
  2. Automatic training expiry alerts
    Arrive to your email inbox a month before the training is due to expire
  3. Free online video learning
    Small business safety essentials videos
  4. Know you're insured
    Expired licenses mean no insurance if you have an accident. Keep everything up-to-date in PeopleSafe

Online video learning

PeopleSafe are passionate about small business and know that there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel on a huge range of Health & Safety topics. That’s why we have started the "Small Business Essentials" online video learning series that is aimed at giving you advice and information on a range of safety issues.

It saves the need for time consuming meetings and trying to figure out how to do some of the basics, like how to run a Health & Safety meeting that isn’t dead boring!

Sign up to PeopleSafe and get started

It’s amazing how many businesses are already making their own training videos on iPhones and the like. Get the benefit of adding your own online video training courses to PeopleSafe.

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