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Sometimes when you don’t have a lot sorted already having some good ideas really helps get things started.

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“Oh yeah, I should really get around to renewing my license...”

Ever thought this and the moment you get pulled over realise you didn't do it? With PeopleSafes’ email Alerts you will get reminded of tasks that are due so all of your team and gear is up to date with training and checks!

PeopleSafe makes sure that you are aware when something is about to expire or needs checking by sending you email reminders, so there is no more “oops i forgots.”  By never forgetting another training session or gear check, you can be rest assured that all of your team are equipped with up to date skills for the jobs they are doing and the gear they are using is safe.

Why we do it this way?

PeopleSafe think it’s essential that you know what’s happening in your business whether it’s a reminder that your staff need training, your gear needs to be checked. If you have an up and coming task, we will let you know 30 days in advance so you have enough time to get it organised, but not too much time that you pop it in the “we’ve got plenty of time” folder and forget about it.

At a glance

  • Email alerts and reminders
  • Things are always up to date
  • Tasks can't be forgotten
A lot of people aren’t good with putting pen to paper so the fact that they can tick a box, are given the parameters already and just have to slot in the answer, it’s fantastic.
— Olivia, Compliance