Record all your training

Great businesses have people that are trained and know what they’re on about. Having a clear picture of who is trained, and what they are trained to do is essential for all successful businesses. It’s also ideal to have a reminders system set up so you don’t let licenses or certification expire.

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Don't let expired licences catch you off guard...

The business impact of letting licences and certifications expire is pretty massive.  You will find you’re not insured if a driver has no licence, people may be doing jobs that they are no longer qualified to do, and key safety training might be missing around your big risks.

The training section in PeopleSafe lets you keep track of all the training that all of your staff do.  It holds it in one place, gives you reminders a month before anything expires and can also hold the actual certificate and licence photos so you have all records all at your fingertips, wherever you are.  PeopleSafe also emails the person whose training is going to expire to remind them as well.

Why we do it this way?

We are so passionate about keeping on top of people's training and skills because we’ve seen the impact of people that aren't trained getting hurt doing the job.  We’ve also seen businesses suffer major losses when accidents happen and have found they’re not insured because of expired drivers licences.

At a glance

  • 30 day alerts of training expiring
  • Quick and easy to record
  • staff can see their training

We have about 65 staff total and it’s been an amazing benefit for us because we are able to induct staff from day one with the right standards.
— Olivia, Compliance Manager