Work together with other businesses

When you work together with other businesses it’s important to know who you are working with, what skills they have, and where they are working on your site.

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Know who is coming onto your site!

The law says you are responsible for the people on your site, whether they are your staff or not. You need to know who is coming onto your site and what skills they have but often we only check this once and then forget and we end up with untrained or unskilled people.

In PeopleSafe you can connect with other organisations and people, this means that each organisation can see the information they need to know they can operate safely. And because everyone in PeopleSafe has a different ID number, you can send a connect request to anyone by putting in their number, theres no big setup process

Why we do it this way?

You are responsible for not only your staff but anyone who is on your site so doing the right thing means knowing who is on your site at any point in time, knowing what skills they have and what happens while they are on site, working together with Connect in PeopleSafe does exactly that.

At a glance

  • Connect with other organisations and people
  • See what skills they have
  • Work together
PeopleSafe is a very powerful tool that you can use in a small or large company that adds a lot of value to any business.
— Olivia, Compliance Manager