StoryAnyWhere TXT Alerts

Having multiple ways of getting information into a system is really useful.  Our research has shown many people having their cell phone more readily available than a pen and paper. Combining an online system with a direct input from a TXT message is a way to really drive staff involvement.

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Get the 'heads up' on what's going down...

Let’s face it running a business and working in a business places high demands on our time.  The ability to TXT-in a task or simple reminder to a system fixes the problem of lost bits of paper, notes on the back of your hand or a simple hope that you'll remember something later.

PeopleSafe lets anyone with a cell phone number TXT-in and tasks are automatically added into the TXT-in task list.  You can TXT, Fix, Hurt, Risk, or Nice into 4164 and deal with the task later. It’s a simple and really useful way to keep you on track.

Why we do it this way?

The more information we have the better decisions we make.  From what gear needs a bit of maintenance through to a risk that you've noticed that needs to be looked into.  People get busy and forget, TXT-in is like a little central brain for your business.

At a glance

  • Get real world info fast
  • Available without data coverage
  • Keep connected with remote teams
  • One place for tasks on the go
If something happens on a Saturday when I’m not here, I will get a text message to say someone’s fallen over and that’s been a major help.
— Kelly Melody, Store Manager