Staff Records

Having records of your staff contact details, training, licences, skills and jobs is important and helpful. Having all this together means that it is in one place and you can make sure everyone has the right skills for the jobs that they are doing.

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Keep track of your peoples' training

In the past, training records, staff details, and job requirements have been on separate pieces of paper and in filing cabinets or on large spreadsheets. This meant that you couldn’t effectively track when and what retraining was due, which could lead to people doing jobs or activities with expired licenses or certifications or even no training at all.

PeopleSafe brings all these things together and it's called People. Information can be easily updated by staff, jobs set, and skills/training recorded. Any training that is recorded in PeopleSafe will automatically be put with the person's profile. When training or a licence needs to be renewed an email reminder will be sent out so it doesn’t get forgotten about.

Why we do it this way?

We think that having all these details together is really effective and practical for business owners, managers or just staff members. Other systems would have the information spread across different locations which make it no better than a filing cabinet or pile of paper.

At a glance

  • Profiles for your people
  • Notes and attachments
  • Training records
  • Everything in one place

PeopleSafe looks after all our staff training and licenses. It’s all recorded and ready to be accessed whenever we need.
— Sam, Store-Services Manager