24/7 secure cloud based access

Everything is online nowadays so we think it’s essential that all your business and Health & Safety stuff be together in the one place. That’s why we created PeopleSafe to be “in the cloud” and give you access to your information anytime - anywhere.

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Access to your information anytime, anywhere!

Multiple systems, paper based reports and forms, filing cabinets and folders - PeopleSafe combines everything into one easy to access system. Know that you can keep track of everything without having to search through mountains of paper work or multiple systems.

Cloud based means that all your information and everything in PeopleSafe is stored on a secure cloud server. This enables you to log in through the PeopleSafe application at my.peoplesafe.co.nz from any desktop computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection and access your information anytime.

Why we do it this way?

All your information up-to-date and ready to access whenever you need means you can get on with your job and the things that you love to do!

At a glance

  • Access from any desktop computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Industry Standard security
  • Full backups daily