Risks and hazard registers

Most New Zealand businesses are pretty terrible at having looked at the work they do and thinking about the risks that they face when doing the work.  Often it’s because it all seems too hard.  Being able to record all the risks you work with in one place makes dealing with them a whole lot easier.

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Know the risks before something bad happens

It’s hard to know what to include when you are looking at the risks that you face each day in the work your business does.  People tend to get confused or make a big deal about what should be pretty practical and straightforward.  Worst still you can end up with multiple spreadsheets and documents that all say different things about the risks and what you are doing.

PeopleSafe has a simple to use Big Risks section where you put the top risks in your business.  It lets you fill out what the risks are and what you are doing about them.  It lets you set reviews and put people in charge of updating any changes to your processes.  Best yet, all staff can access the plans from anywhere with their log in.  We also have some pretty cool Risk stickers that you can put on equipment or in areas that you have plans for so that people know if they log in to PeopleSafe they will find the plan of what to do to keep safe.

Why we do it this way?

We keep it simple because we know that most often it’s the simple things that end up hurting people.  It’s also a great starting point for those businesses that do nothing right now without being too hard.

At a glance

  • Auto reminders for reviews
  • Easy access for staff to view
  • Report on risks involved in accidents
PeopleSafe is awesome for recording all our hazards on site.
— Jacob, Produce Department