Online Learning

Great businesses have people that are trained and know what they’re on about. Having a clear picture of who is trained, what they are trained to do and being able to up-skill your staff is essential.

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Equip your people with new and better skills to do their job safely...

The business impact of letting licences and certifications expire is pretty massive. You will find you’re not insured if a driver has no licence, people may be doing jobs that they are no longer qualified to do, and key safety training might be missing around your big risks.

Online learning in is a cool little feature in the training section of PeopleSafe. It’s video based training with a multi-choice follow-up questionnaire and is designed so your staff can gain the knowledge and skills to do their job more safely. Your staff get notified when they are booked on an Online Learning course and when done their new skills are automatically updated to your staff records. If their training expires you get notified and can book them on a refresher course.

Why we do it this way?

We are so passionate about keeping on top of peoples training and skills because we’ve seen the impact of people that aren't trained getting hurt doing the job. Doing the right thing means knowing your staff have the right skills for the job they do and being able to equip them with new skills to do their job safer and smarter.

At a glance

  • Video based multi-choice questions
  • 30 day alerts of training expiring
  • Book individual staff or teams

PeopleSafe frees up my time so I’m not having to spend 2 hours inducting a new staff member and I’m able to spend more time on the floor.
— Olivia, Compliance Manager