Smart, one-click reports

One click reports mean that you can click a button to get reports on a whole lot of things so you can see where to improve. It helps you to see trends that are happening or where there may be issues.

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Get the most up to date info with a click of a button!

With paper records, filing cabinets and spreadsheets, to create a report, whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly, it is a big job and often to time consuming for people to do correctly. this means that the information that gets recorded never gets reviewed or looked into and the same things can keep on happening.

Because PeopleSafe is online we have made a really useful tool which lets you click a button and a report comes up straight away with the most recent information. No more going through paper work to find the information you want. We have made a whole lot of types of presets so you can get a report on pretty much anything in PeopleSafe, including accidents, gear, training, even birthdays!

Why we do it this way?

Our reports are done this way to make your life easier, they aren’t filled with big health and safety words or anything like that, it is simply the information that matters and is going to help you do the right thing.

At a glance

  • One-click reports
  • Live data
  • No jargon
PeopleSafe has fast, instant information right at your fingertips. There’s no losing documents or paperwork.
— Sam, Store-Services Manager