Been told you need a PeopleSafe ID card?

You're in the right place to get started!

What is PeopleSafe?

PeopleSafe is cloud based software that makes it easy to sort out all your health and safety information and keep it in one place. PeopleSafe lets all businesses that use our software 'Connect' so they can easily work together.

What is PeopleSafe Check-in?

PeopleSafe Check-in is basically a touchscreen monitor (that uses PeopleSafe technology) that sits in the main entry of a business or organisation so people can 'check-in' when they arrive. It helps businesses and organisations who are using PeopleSafe know who comes and goes from their worksites.

What is a PeopleSafe ID Card?

It is a plastic identification card that has your picture on it! It also has a scanable code on it that you scan at the PeopleSafe Check-in when you arrive on site. This works out who you are and where you're from; you only have to choose who you are there to see. No messing around typing names and company details. PeopleSafe ID Cards can be used at any business or organisation that uses PeopleSafe Check-in.

How much do the Cards cost me?

PeopleSafe ID Cards are priced at just $9.95 + GST per card, plus a setup and shipping cost of $19.95 + GST per order. We do our best to dispatch orders via courier within 48 hours.

How do I order ID cards?

Sign up for a PeopleSafe plan so you can use our cloud-based software to generate your PeopleSafe ID cards.

PeopleSafe Check-in ID Card - Health and Safety sign in register

The next steps are easy...

  1. Sign up for a PeopleSafe Plan to get your Login
  2. Login to PeopleSafe and add your staff and their photos
  3. Order your ID Cards
  4. 'Connect' with the business or organisation that has asked to you join PeopleSafe