Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have questions about our software then you will likely find the answer on this page. 
If you can't find what you are looking for ask us by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you have questions on how to do something in the PeopleSafe software you can go to our Help Site at


What is PeopleSafe?
- PeopleSafe is online safety software to get your health and safety sorted. It has a practical approach, meaning that you cut out all the unnecessary paperwork, stop focusing on numbers, and start looking at the things that really matter; keeping your people safe.

Is PeopleSafe a government department? Or is it linked to a government department?
- No. PeopleSafe is fully independent from the government and is not WorkSafe or a government department.

Does PeopleSafe have customer support, what is the cost?
- We do have email customer support for all PeopleSafe Coordinators in a business, and its free! We have an online knowledge base at or you can email us and our software experts will help you out.

Can PeopleSafe come and do my health and safety in my business?
- We've created some pretty sophisticated software (called PeopleSafe) to help you easily manage and sort out your own health and safety. We also share tips and advice on our website. We don't offer consultancy or go into individual businesses to sort health and safety. However there are consultants outside of PeopleSafe that we can put you in touch with.


Where is PeopleSafe available?
- Anywhere in New Zealand with an internet connection.

When is PeopleSafe available?
- PeopleSafe is 24/7 access. So anytime you need it, it's there waiting for you. The only time you may not be able to access the software is when scheduled maintenance is happening, check out

Can PeopleSafe be used offline (without internet)
- No. Because PeopleSafe is cloud software you will need internet to access and use it.

Is there an API for PeopleSafe
- We have a closed API, feel free to get in touch to discuss

What Web Browsers work with PeopleSafe?
- We recommend using a standard, modern web browser such as: Google ChromeFirefox or Safari. Other browsers (like Internet Explorer) can be used however you won't be able make the most out of our features.

When PeopleSafe software gets updated, what do I need to do?
- Nothing at all. PeopleSafe developers often make small adjustments to the software to make it faster and more simple to use. These changes are made instantly, you don't need to do a thing.
- Sometimes PeopleSafe will need maintenance which means that the system may be unavailable at times. However this is normally done outside of work hours. You will also be given a heads up about any maintenance that will be done, so you know in advance. Again, you don't have to do a thing.


Can I get a quote for my business to use PeopleSafe
- You can calculate your business pricing here.

Is GST included in your prices?
- All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST.

Security, Privacy and Back Up

Who "owns" the data I put in?
- Your data is your data, while PeopleSafe stores it, we do not own it. Find out more in our Terms of Use and Privacy pages.

How secure is my information in PeopleSafe?
- We take your data security seriously.
- For more about our security you can read our Cloud Code Disclosure Statement

Is my information backed up?
- PeopleSafe does hourly backups 7 days a week to a range of secure geographically diverse locations. That means that if something really really really serious ever did happen, you will still have all your information up to the previous hour.

Still got questions?

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