Be alerted to things that happen

Being aware of when someone in your team is injured or a piece of gear has been damaged is crucial for any business. Knowing that there has been a problem is the first step to fixing it. Accidents are apart of life, its important that we know about them as they happen, because sometimes “she’ll be right, we’ll wait till Monday” is too late.

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Find out instantly when something happens...

Time delay can be an issue between an accident and you finding out about it. But with instant email alerts when something happens to one of your staff or your gear, delays are a thing on the past and action can be taken instantly.

PeopleSafes' email alerts will instantly let you know if something has happened in your business. Eliminating time delays,”oh did i forget to tell you’s”  and making sure your people and  gear are in tip top performance shape, and if they’re not, you can act immediately.

Why we do it this way?

We think it’s important that you are made aware of problems as soon as they arise. That’s why PeopleSafe sends you email alerts if something serious, like an injury or damaged gear, happens in your business. You are able to act instantly and sort out the problem before it gets worse.

PeopleSafe makes it so easy for staff to give everyone a heads up about things that are going on in store.
— Kelly Melody, Store Manager