Simple document library

We think having a central place to put any (and all) documents that get created is essential. It means that everyone knows the one place to head when they have questions or are looking for information. It’s also a good idea to have people that “own” the documents along with a way for you to be reminded when documents need reviewing.

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Keep all your important documents safe and sound...

We know that sharing files by email can be a total nightmare.  Worse still with files often on a laptop that is easily stolen, broken or lost, goodbye all your hard work.  More importantly though, have one place where all documents are “the latest and greatest” solves the problem of which document you should follow and work from.

The Document Library in PeopleSafe helps fix all of these problems.  It lets you share documents with all staff, keep them private to just managers or just you. Better yet, it’s backed up and secure in PeopleSafe so that you know even if your computer dies, your important documents aren’t lost.

Why we do it this way?

Having records of the things that you do is important to show that you are doing the right things.  While we often send out a memo, or post a document to noticeboard, PeopleSafe helps make sure you have a record to show later on.  Protecting your business by having documents as evidence is the right thing to do.

At a glance

  • Easy reviews
  • Document expiry reports
  • Powerful searching