PeopleSafe gets teams working together and engaged within minutes using pretty cool technology and smart processes.  You team will get access to both the PeopleSafe mobile and web apps making crazy paperwork and complicated processes a thing of the past.

With PeopleSafe your workers can easily...


Record their safety stories
to help find your big risks.

Users love sharing their stories using the mobile app because it's

  • FAST -Less than 30 seconds to record your story

  • PAPERLESS - way to record the safety stories and event

  • AUTOMATIC ALERTS  - The boss gets an email or TXT alert

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.29.25 pm.png

Access your safety plans to
grow their safety knowledge.

By having easy access to your safety and emergency plans users get

  • LIVE INFORMATION - Always having access to the most recent plans

Get real-time alerts about important safety messages.

  • Send messages to staff to alert them about safety issues.

  • Get responses so you know they've got it.



Use our online learning to grow your skills




Managers and Owners use PeopleSafe to

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Full support to get started with PeopleSafe

We know that this whole safety gig can be quite scary.  You want to know you're doing the right things, and we want you to be successful.  Our Jump Start process supports you right from the start to get up and running using PeopleSafe to get everyone sharing their safety knowledge.