PeopleSafe can help you improve your teams safety performance in 5 key ways


Easier to get involved + work together

Use PeopleSafe to help get all your team involved with health and safety.

Key steps you take:

  • Create a person profile for each team member in your PeopleSafe account

  • Give them their username and password

  • Get them to download the mobile app

Record your teams safety stories

You'll start recording the stories that happen around safety. Which means you'll find out what's happening and can take steps to manage your risks if needed.

Key steps you take:

  • Meet with staff to explain you want to hear about safety issues that come up

  • Detail the process you'll go through when they do

  • Show them how to use the mobile app, show them it takes less than 30 seconds

Find risks and make safety plans

As people talk about the risks they find and you discuss and decide what your plan is to keep it safe, you'll add it as a Safety Plan.

Key Steps you take:

  • Discuss stories that happen

  • Make decisions about how you will manage risk

  • Create a simple safety plan in PeopleSafe

  • Tell staff about it

Manage your teams Training and Skills

A big part of your safety plan will be deciding what skills and training your staff need to manage the risks they work with. By tracking these skills in PeopleSafe you'll be sure that the right people have the right skills.

Key steps you take:

  • Decide the skills/training people need

  • Add them into PeopleSafe and choose who needs them

  • Record when that is completed in PeopleSafe

  • Make it clear, if you're not trained and it's risky tell us

  • Update training when PeopleSafe reminds you

Know your Gear is checked and safe to use

Your Safety plan will say what checks gear needs to be safe. Keep records so you know that you're on top of them.

Key steps you take:

  • Keep a list of all your key gear in PeopleSafe

  • Decide the checks needed for gear

  • Add them into PeopleSafe

  • Record proof checks are done in PeopleSafe

  • Update checks when PeopleSafe reminds you