We help small business owners quickly engage their teams with health and safety

Getting your team involved

PeopleSafe is designed to help small business owners  have conversations around the safety and health issues that come up. Then record and communicate the decisions that get made.

You can be much more confident that you're doing the right things when it comes to health and safety.

Managing risks

The reality is that we live in a world full of risks, and sometimes things go terribly wrong.  People die, get seriously injured or sick.

Making sure you know about  the risk so you can do things to stop it happening in the first place is the key driver of the PeopleSafe way.

Keep it simple

We know that most of the time it's really simple stuff that gets forgotten or never mentioned that results in terrible outcomes for your business and team.  

That's why our focus is on keeping things simple and having processes your team can believe in, which means they'll do them!

We help you protect your workers and your business

Our Software gives you the technology to ditch the paperwork and keep things simple


Our certified partner network can work alongside you if you need help managing the risks