Crossroads Church, Lyn Wilson

PeopleSafe gear reminders have helped us make sure all our gear is safe and up to date.
— Lyn Wilson, Crossroads Church Administrator

“I felt like I was barking up a dead-end tree.” Lyn always knew Crossroads Church needed to get serious about health and safety; an accident book hidden away in the kitchen wasn’t going to cut it. “We tried to get that book to work but everyone thinks ‘ah it’s not that big a deal', you know? ” Lyn is Crossroad’s receptionist, jack-of-all-trades, and the first point of contact when people walk in the door. Setting up PeopleSafe gear reminders means Lyn can do more of what she loves, connecting people into the church community. “I get the emails reminding me when the church van needs a service or a WOF or the registration is due. It’s good to have those reminders because there’s so much else going on, it’s just common-sense really.”