Dean McKerras School of Dance & DanceNZmade, Dean McKerras

PeopleSafe has been really effective in getting our team engaged and coming up with better and safer ways to work.
— Dean McKerras, The Dance Man

“It ended up costing me a fortune!” Before PeopleSafe when it came to getting the dance syllabus out to all the teachers the final result was an absolute headache. Dean McKerras runs a successful dance studio and has created DanceNZmade; a dance syllabus used all over New Zealand and around the world.

“Every time we needed to update something we had to reproduce all those videos and then repost them out. In the old days you also had a book to refer to with the counts. Now the teachers can check it on their devices as they’re teaching or it’s a quick easy thing to pick up in your five-minute break before class happens. It’s the instant aspect of it that’s just fantastic.” So what did Dean say when he found PeopleSafe? “That was it, I didn’t need to look any further.”