Why use PeopleSafe?
Introducing you to our core values

Challengers to the tired and broken way of Health & Safety

As challengers to the tired and broken way of Health & Safety, PeopleSafe puts the focus back on people to grow smarter teams and safer workplaces. PeopleSafe Software goes against the old fashioned kind of Health & Safety. It's groundbreaking technology that everyone can use. It becomes your businesses mobile command centre with instant, live Intel that is secure, online and available 24/7.

PeopleSafe gives your people the chance to really love their work and make a difference. It's the satisfaction at the end of the day that they have done their jobs the best and safest way possible.

Our Values

  • People and their skills are key
  • Working together is important
  • Practical solutions that work

Everyone has a part to keep work safe

Sharing responsibilities, telling stories with PeopleSafe, everyone and everything is a part of the big picture. Your teams, your equipment, your information, it all comes together with PeopleSafe Software. With One-Click reports, you get access to live, complete data on any accidents, equipment updates, or nice jobs stories whenever you need it, for every site in your business.

Give people skills and they will move mountains

PeopleSafe believes in building teams that are hands-on smart. It's about having the right skills and training to do a great job and to do it safe. Because knowing that your business is in good hands is really what matters most. Our software helps you stay on top of the training your people need, setup online learning and renew licenses or certificates on time.

People focused, process driven

Our mission is to help your people love what they do. We're about talking to each other and not just filling out reports. We're about listening to what the people doing the real work have to say, not just Health & Safety experts. Tell Your Story lets every team member have a voice so they can share important feedback on everyday stories.