What makes us different?


Safer work starts with people

PeopleSafe is passionate about the tools it gives businesses to let them keep on top of the skills their people have and how things are going in the real world of work. We want your business to understand it's risks and manage them with sensible plans that actually make a difference to how safe the work is. Here's our key thinking around how and why we do stuff.


Tell your story - a new approach

Tell Your Story is about keeping it real. It lets anyone tell their story about what has happened at work. They don't have to become a Health and Safety expert to make sure they categorise everything right. The important thing is actually finding out what's happening on the job.


Paperwork is too risky for your business

It gets lost, people forget to hand it in, it ends up sitting on someone's desk or it arrives too late for you to do something to make things safe.
PeopleSafe lets you have everything online, backed up and in one place.


Safety is about People not positions

"Oh, yes talk to Bob he looks after our Health and Safety" is something we hear too often. We think that you need to get everyone involved in looking out for each other and actually behaving safely. This is a culture change for most businesses but it's worth the effort.


Cutting out the middle man

Your team should be able to enter things directly into your safety system. If you're worried about what they might say, then PeopleSafe probably isn't for you! We think it's essential to know what is happening where the real work happens. PeopleSafe lets everyone let you know what's really going on in your business.


Smarter people will make safer work

We think that by having people that know how their work could hurt them will end up with safer work. People that just get on with the job without the skills often get hurt or even killed. We think every person on your team should have the skills to get the job done safely.