Mobile App Features


The Mobile app makes it easy for your team to work together

With every team member having access to real time safety information and processes they can figure out how best to keep everyone safe.

  • No complicated paperwork

  • Improve safety communication

  • Every team member gets involved.

Available for iOS and Andriod

  • or

* The Mobile App is available as a Free download from the iOS or Play Store as part of an organisations PeopleSafe Subscription.

Remove complicated paperwork


Improve Safety Communication


Everyone can do their part to make work safer


Paperless Safety Records

Your team record the safety events
as they happen, no paperwork

Using the StoryAnywhere feature in the Mobile App workers can let you know what's going on in under 30 seconds. It makes it easy to remember things. Email notifications make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Full details are available in PeopleSafe, and tasks are automatically created.




Find your Safety Plans

Your team have access to your
safety plans anytime, anywhere

Having the key information at hand makes work safer. By putting Safety Plans in the palm of your hand workers always have the most up to date version and can focus on getting the job done.







Know what to do in an emergency

Provide your staff with easy, fast access to emergency plans

When things go wrong following a Emergency Plan can make the difference between life and death, really badly hurt or not.  By having Mobile access to your emergency plans you will be sorted.