Why have a new Safety Plan for 2015?

We are well into 2015 and we thought its about time Workshop Wednesday came back. So to kick the year off we asked the question, Why have a new safety plan for 2015?

Unfortunately "Safety First," "She'll be right," and "We don't have accidents," don't quite cut it. 
Check out why we think the "Safety First" approach is a bit silly.

Safety is something that is always changing because the workplaces that we work in are always changing, no two days are the same.

Thats why the start of the year is a really good time to look at the plans you have and ask some questions like: Are the plans we put in place last year still working? Do all our staff know the risks in our workplace?

So we have 3 tips to think about for your safety plan. Over to Zane and Adelaide

3 tips for your safety plan

Here are 3 tips that you should think about when reviewing, adjusting or creating your safety plan for 2015.

  1. Have a fresh look at all the risks and hazards in your workplace
    Do you know what all the risks are? A good idea is to run a hazard hunt with your staff so everyone is involved in finding the big risks. Find out what your staff think about the risks and make sure they all know about them and what to do about them.
  2. Talk with your staff and write down your plans
    Your staff are the people out there doing the actual work, if they get handed a document with plans on how to do the work safely, they are not likely to read it let alone follow the plan. However if you get together chat about the risks and together figure out and write down a way to do the work safely, they are more likely to follow the plans and everyone will know what going on.
  3. Have a plan for when it all turns... Brown
    You may know the phrase with a four letter word instead of brown, however it's the same idea. Mistakes and accidents do happen, thats why you should make plans for the worst so your staff will remain safe and know what to do when something hits the fan and not make it worse.

So there you go, 3 easy tips that you can use when looking over you safety plans for 2015. Remember to involve your staff so that everyone knows what is happening and are onboard with your plans.

And that is the first Workshop Wednesday of 2015, its good to be back. 

See you next week!

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