Wear the safety gear

It's the school holidays so Zane is bringing Workshop Wednesday to us from the lovely Lake Taupo! This week is all about gear, specifically safety gear. Is it important? Does it cover us 100%? And does it look cool?

Let's start off with a story from Zane and Arthur about riding a bike and crashing.

So Arthur and the Yates family were riding along and Arthur decided to do a cool wheelie, unfortunately he lost control and crashed grazing his cheek and arm. Ouch! But he's all good now and has learnt that if he's going to do a wheelie then he should make sure the ground is suitable to do one etc. However he could have come out a lot worse with a very sore head or in Arthur's words, a very serious brain injury. Luckily he was wearing his helmet and he was all good.

So why is safety gear important? It protects you from harm if something does go wrong. Most of the time when Arthur rides his bike he doesn't crash and the helmet might seem a bit pointless, however for the odd time when something does go wrong he's kept safe because he has the right gear on.

Will safety gear keep me 100% safe? Unfortunately no, in Arthur's case he still got a couple of grazes but the safety gear did keep him safe from any major injuries.

Does it look cool? Well Arthur's helmet looks pretty cool but in reality lots of safety gear doesn't always look cool. But you have to ask yourself, does looking cool out-weigh staying safe?

So if you haven't got the idea of the story yet: Wear the safety gear.
It doesn't matter if you are riding your bike, working at heights or working with big machinery. Safety gear has a very important purpose, it's there to keep you safe.

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, see you next week and remember, wear the safety gear!

Let us know what you think below in the comments or send an email to questions@peoplesafe.co.nz

Thanks to Arthur for the great story and to George for the fantastic camera work!