Mildred the Health and Safety Unicorn!

Wanting to sort your health and safety for good? Never want to worry about it again? Well have we got the answer for you!

Introducing Mildred the Health and Safety Unicorn, she cries tears of compliance and has a direct line to Worksafe NZ. Mildred will look after all your health and safety requirements with a bit of glitter and rainbows. Over to Zane and Alice.

So will Mildred sort all your Health and Safety? Probably not.
If you are still wondering what the heck we are talking about then here it is: too many small businesses are after one thing that will magically fix their H&S. Everyone's looking for one thing they can do that will get health and safety out of the way, so they can focus on doing their actual work.

Unfortunately that one thing doesn't exist. Now you may be thinking, "Oh great, now I've got to become a H&S expert." Well if that's the case we've got good news! You don't have to be a H&S expert at all. It all comes down to how we view health and safety.

What is Health and Safety?

What is H&S to you? Is it all about long-winded procedures, lots of paperwork, silly rules, or a whole other job? Or is it about simply making sure that you and your staff are safe, that you can prove you are being safe, and have a good plan in place should something go wrong?
Health and Safety isn't something that should be separate from the work we do, it should be closely linked, its all about being safe while we do the work.

A lot of businesses are already pretty safe, they know how to do the jobs they do safely, but when was the last time you did a review of the things you do? Can they be made safer but still be practical? Is there some equipment that needs a bit of maintenance or upgrading?

You may already be doing that, but can you prove it? Can you prove that your staff are trained? Does your equipment have all the right checks done? And do you know the risks that you and your staff face? If you can't prove those things, then it might be time to start. That's what PeopleSafe is made for, a really easy way to record, keep track of, and be reminded about all the safety stuff.

The next step is all about risks. Once you know your risks, great! Now you need to make some plans for them, how are you going to either get rid of those risks or make it so people stay safe around them?
You know the risks the best because you deal with them everyday. So talk with your staff, keep it practical, make some solutions, and stay safe.

Searching for Mildred the Safety Unicorn

Mildred may be a bit hard to find - near impossible. So instead of going in search of the Safety Unicorn, maybe change your view on Health and Safety and start proving that you have what it takes to be safe.

See you next week on Workshop Wednesday

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