Top 10 Useless Safety Stats!

Summer is here, and we generally start to get a bit more active, going to the beach, playing more sport and enjoying the better weather. It is a great and fun time of year.

We think 'safety' shouldn't take away from that fun, but it should keep us safe while we have that fun. Thats why this week we are sharing some stats around how many claims ACC get for certain things in a year. This may seem pretty useless, but what it shows us, is that accidents can happen, however there are ways we can keep safe.

Check out our "Top 10 useless safety stats" and then read some helpful tips below, so you can keep yourself safe.

Those stats are pretty useless really, but they do show that people are getting hurt. So obviously accidents happen, but what can we do to keep ourselves safe?

Good question, it comes down to a few things, most of the time its about being aware of your surroundings and the risks that are there. And a bit of old fashioned common sense.
This goes for everyday life, not just at work.

For example:

  • If the place is a mess and there is stuff everywhere, if you can, clean it up, or simply watch your step. Deal with those tripping hazards.
  • If you are driving, has the car got a WOF and rego, have you checked the oil? Can you drive? Are you sober? Really simple stuff.
  • If you are playing some sport, make sure you warm up and cool down. Don't rush into it and pull, strain or tear something.
  • Or if you want to do some myth busting, or some cool stunts, or if you are just having some fun. Look at the situation and have a bit of a think, could I get hurt or could someone else get hurt doing this?
    If you could get hurt, then think of ways to keep yourself safe, reduce the risk. It very rarely means not doing the fun thing.


Risks can be everywhere and they are a part of life, but if we are aware of the big risks and know how to deal with them, then hopefully we won't be adding to this years safety stats.

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