6 tips to keep your gear safe

When we think about our workplaces, it's quite often the gear that can be a bit risky and cause accidents. Whether it's new gear we don't know how to use properly, or gear that's been 'modified,' or even just gear that needs a bit of maintenance, it can all be risky.
So how do we stay on top of our gear and make sure it stays safe? Here are 6 tips to keep your gear safe. Over to Zane and Adelaide

6 tips to keep your gear safe

  1. Have a list of all your gear in one place. This will help you know what gear you have and is also a good place to record any important details about it.
  2. Read the instructions and follow them. Gear is designed to be used in a specific way, so read the instructions and follow them, taking on board any risks that the instructions may mention.
  3. Don't pull all the safety features off. Safety features are there for a reason, so don't go taking the guards or fail safe features off the gear, you're just asking for trouble.
  4. Don't get creative with it. Use the gear for what its been made to do, if its a drill use it as a drill not a cutting device.
  5. Make sure everyone knows how to use it. If you have employees using gear then make sure they are actually trained and know how to use it, And make sure they know the risks that the piece of gear has.
  6. Have a plan for checking the gear so it's safe. Just like how a car needs a WOF every year or 6 months, most gear will need to be checked every now and then, so create a plan to check it and then make sure you check it.

How PeopleSafe does this

PeopleSafe has a whole section in the software dedicated to gear. There is a gear list where you can add all your gear, attach any important info like serial numbers, instructions or how to use guides and anything else relevant. 
You can list when the gear needs to be checked and what sort of check it needs. Best of all it will remind you when these need to be done so you don't get caught out with unchecked gear.
And with making sure people know how to use the gear you can create online training which they can complete so you know they are all good to go.

Find out more about what PeopleSafe can do on our Features Page.

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, keep your gear safe, and we will see you next week!

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