The Stupids - We want to hear from you!

Kia Ora! And welcome to another Workshop Wednesday.

Today we want to hear from you!
Tell us in the comments some of the stupid stuff you've seen people at work do.
The craziest stories will feature on next weeks blog and you could win some wicked prizes.
You can leave a post on this blog, our Facebook page, or give us a Tweet.

Did you hear about the person who got a paper cut to the eye? What about the house movers who let let the local kindergarten on site to wander around and under the house on piles? How about the worker we saw who almost fell from the top of a 14 metre high building not wearing a harness? Eeek!

Here at PeopleSafe we often hear about the crazy things people do at work, and it never fails to baffle us.
This time we're after your stories. What have you seen? What stories have you heard about?
Send the craziest stuff you've heard happen and we'll feature the craziest ones on next weeks Workshop Wednesday (all anonymous of course).
You could be in to win some sweet prizes - PeopleSafe t-shirts, mugs, sweet treats, and maybe even a morning tea shout if your story is the craziest!

Here are the top 5 stories that people sent in: Stupids - Top 5 Stories

You can leave a post on this blog, our Facebook page, give us a Tweet, or email us
Stay Safe New Zealand!