How to tell someone they're being an #unsafedickhead

Following on from the last two weeks where we have been talking about "The Stupids," we have had quite a few people ask us, well how do we tell them they are being stupid? How do we tell them they are an unsafe dickhead? 

So we decided to make a hashtag and make this weeks Workshop Wednesday about it, over to you Zane and Adelaide.

So how do we tell someone that they're being a bit of an #unsafedickhead?
There are a few ways:

  1. Tell them they are an #unsafedickhead - maybe not in those words, but tell them that what they are doing is unsafe, it could hurt them or others and its not worth the risk.
  2. Teach them not to be an #unsafedickhead - lead by example, if you don't want your staff being dangerous, don't do things unsafely yourself.
  3. Talk to your staff about not being an #unsafedickhead - Get them all together and let them know about the risky things and what they should not be doing in your workplace.

So thats it really, don't be an #unsafedickhead, be a #safeawesomeperson.
See you next week!

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