The Stupids - Top 5 Stories

Last week we asked you to send in your craziest, funniest, and stupidest stories that you have heard around being safe or unsafe at work. Here are 5 of the best stories.

If you missed last weeks post you will find it here: The Stupids
Otherwise, here are 5 of the best stories and a bit about what we can lean from them.

Drill to cut a cable tie

Someone was using a drill to cut through plastic cable ties. Once the drill went through the plastic cable tie, it kept going straight into his leg. Luckily, it just kept winding round his overalls and it didn't go any further. Otherwise there could have been a hole in the leg.

What we can learn: Cut cable ties with a pair of scissors or a knife, something that is designed to cut things. This goes for any activity or job, use the right equipment for the job, you may have seen others use something else and it has worked but is it really worth the risk?

Using nail guns for tag

Quite a few people had stories about playing tag or a game of shoot-em-up at work with nail guns instead of going to your traditional laser tag or paintball venue. The problem was when the nails started puncturing body parts. Ouch!

What we can learn: Unless they were trying to invent a new extreme sport or create their own version of the Hunger Games, the only advice we can think of is think before you act. Is shooting someone with a nail gun or running them down with a forklift or gluing something to them really going to keep people safe? Probably not, so should you do it? No.

Told off for exiting the closest fire exit

So the fire alarm went off and the baker who was at the back of the store went out the closest fire exit, Good right? Well not according to his boss. The fire alarm was an evacuation drill and the boss thought it was silly for the baker to go out the closest exit, he should have come through the store and out the front door like everyone else, it was only a drill.

What we can lean: Treat every evacuation drill as though it was a real emergency, make sure people are going out their nearest safe exit. That way if a real emergency did happen then people will actually know what to do and not put themselves or others in danger.

Let people know about an upcoming evacuation

Someone emailed the rest of the company about the evacuation drill happening in 15 minutes. It was the fastest evacuation in history with everyone already outside when the alarm went off. Great!

What we can learn: As above treat every evacuation drill as thought was a real emergency. Emergencies happen by surprise so don't go letting people know about the drill before hand.

Playing cricket in a cleared aisle in a large store

So it was night shift and the store was closed, the staff had just finished clearing the promo aisle ready for all the new stuff to go in. But before that happened they decided to play a quick game of cricket. Unfortunately a ball ended up smacking someone in the face. The person who bowled the ball was not only dismissed from the game but dismissed from their job.

What we can learn: While this may sound like a fun way to spend your break late at night, it may not be the best idea. However if you really do want to play a quick game of cricket, make sure you you have the right equipment like a helmet for head protection and the correct pads so everyone stays safe, and ask yourself this: Will my boss be happy about this? If the answer is no then you probably shouldn't do it.


There are our top 5 stories, we hope they have entertained but also been a bit educational. Make sure you aren't one of the stupids, think before you act, make sure you have the right gear for the job and follow the rules.

See you next week!

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