New Zealand Shake Out

The New Zealand Shake Out is a nation wide earthquake drill happening on October 15th at 9:15am. The idea is that everyone should know what to do when an earthquake happens to stay safe. Over to Zane and Arthur & George, Drop, Cover, Hold!

As we all probably know, earthquakes can be pretty darn dangerous and can happen at any time. That's why the Shake Out earthquake drill is happening, so we are prepared and know what to do when one actually happens.

Shake Out, what do I need to do?

Shake Out is happening all around the world and New Zealand is first to Participate at 9:15am on Thursday 15 October 2015. If you and your business or organisation want to be apart of this:

  • First go to to register. 
  • Then when it hits 9:15am on Thursday, do the Drop, Cover and Hold drill for 30-45 seconds
  • After the drill get your staff together and talk about what would happen next in a real earthquake, also discus what you could do in your workplace to make things safer or more stable in an earthquake.

Drop, Cover, and Hold. 

DROP to the ground on your hands and knees, COVER your head and neck with your arms and get under or next to something stable that won't fall on you, and then HOLD onto that stable thing so you stay with it until the shaking stops

What should we do after an earthquake?

Here are some things to consider in your business:

  • What's your evacuation plan, if you need to get out of a building or site, how are you going to make sure everyone gets out safely?
  • Do you know how to contact your staff to see if they are ok? If they are in the same office, it may be as simple as asking in person, but what if some people are out of office? What's your plan?
  • Do you and your staff have a plan for contacting your families?
  • Do you have ways of contact or places to meet if phone lines are down or over capacity?
  • Do you have emergency supplies and a first aid kit that you can easily get to?
  • Does everyone else know the plans incase you are the one out of office?
  • And if you are near the coast, where is your closest Tsunami safe zone and how are you going to get there?

Earthquakes can be pretty scary, however if we are prepared and know what to do during and after an earthquake we more likely to stay safe and get through it.

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, Remember, Thursday 15 October 9:15am, Drop, Cover, and Hold!

PeopleSafe's Shake Out

Here's how PeopleSafe's Shake out went:

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