Sam and Kim from Kapiti Pak'nSave

Kiwi As Kapiti PAK'nSAVE! Gone are the days of losing important paperwork, Sam the Store Services Manager and Kim the Compliance Coordinator share how training records, accident records, and documents of every kind are easy to find, easy to review and simple to manage using PeopleSafe.

Special thanks to Sam and Kim at Kapiti PAK'nSAVE at Paraparaumu

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I'm Sam. I'm the store services manager. Been here nine years. So I look after the health and safety, food safety, repairs and maintenance of the building, all the staff training, looking after the reach trucks licenses, forklift licenses, liquor licenses. There's all these little roles that will come together and help make the business run so smoothly and effectively.

Before PeopleSafe, it was all done by paper. We had an accident and an incident form in the checkouts or the departments, which the staff would fill out. And they would then come up to either myself or Kim, who's a compliance coordinator. One of the downsides of paperwork was we would lose paperwork or staff would say they filled it out and we would never find it. And they'd fill out on paper, put it in a pocket and go home. Or they'll put it there in the grocery office. And they won't make it up to our office up here, whereas now they'll go straight to the kiosk up in the staff room or go to their manager. And they'll sit down and fill out their accidents straight online, once its entered it's done. It's a two-minute job. 

It's just fast and instant, You just click a button, and information's right there at your fingertips. So there's no going through trying to find names or again, losing documents or paperwork. So as soon as they've done like their forklift license or the first aid course, certificate its scanned into PeopleSafe to their name. And then it's all there sitting. To be accessed whenever you want. Even from home, if you want to catch up with some work at home. You can jump onto PeopleSafe. 

PeopleSafe makes my job easy, easier with putting the accidents in. Definitely easier with reviewing the accidents. It makes it a lot quicker, and it prompts you when you go in.
And inductions, The time frame, it's cut it right down from probably being about 2 and 1/2 hours down to about 1 and 1/12. 

I suppose when it comes back to training, It was all paperwork and on the job training, so we trusted that our managers were getting their staff to fill out all the paperwork. And at times, you'd catch a few people out. Whereas now it's there and you can tell straight away. I mean currently 12 people have done training in the past in 30 days. Last month we were getting up to 120 people doing training courses in 30 days. So every time yo log in, you can see right up to the minute information where we are with whose done training, how many accidents we've had.

Wouldn't hesitate, I'd say to anybody jump on PeopleSafe. It's bloody awesome. 
First part is obviously putting all the information into the website. But once your information's been scanned and then put in there you've got it there. You're not going to lose it. In the long run it's going to make your life a lot more, well your work, a lot more easy. And it's just, the reporting processes are so simple. You can search anything you want and find out anything you want, what you want to know about what's going on in your business regards to health and safety.

Brandon Lauridsen