Safe Kids Aotearoa

This week on Workshop Wednesday we're looking at 10 things to think about to help prevent driveway run overs. We love our kiwi kids and protecting them from moving vehicles when they can't protect themselves is super important. We can all make a difference and prevent driveway run overs, it just takes a little extra thought.
Take it away Zane and Adelaide.

Preventing Driveway Run Overs - things to think about

  • 5 children are killed each year
  • 1 child is admitted to Starship Hospital every fortnight
  • 49% of drivers are the victim's parent
  • 66% of children run over are under 2 years old
  • Reversing camera help with parking but don't always prevent driveway run overs
  • The danger times are before lunch and after dinner
  • Run overs can occur when drivers are reversing (68%) and moving forward (32%)
  • Most run overs occur during Spring and Summer
  • There are lots of contributing factors


Walk around the car and CHECK before you get in and check for children. SEPARATE play areas from driveways with fencing and gates. SUPERVISE children whenever cars are moving. 

Identify the signs of a risky driveway

  • A long driveway.
  • A driveway in a quiet road or cul‐de‐sac.
  • A driveway that also provides pedestrian access to house (no separate pedestrian pathway).
  • A driveway leading to lots of parking – cars need to be moved around to make room or allow vehicles to leave.
  • No physical barrier (i.e. fence) between driveway and outdoor play area.

Know where the kids are before getting in the car

  • CHECK for children before driving off
  • SUPERVISE children around vehicles – always
  • SEPARATE play areas from driveways

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