Road Safety Week - Look out for Kids

It's New Zealand Road Safety Week. This year the government has decided the focus should be on our most vulnerable road users - children. They've called it "Look out for kids" as a reminder to be safe drivers and take extra care around schools, parks, playgrounds and other areas kids would be.

So we decided for Workshop Wednesday we would put together some advice for drivers and parents so we can be a bit safer on the roads. Over to Zane and Adelaide

Road Safety Charity 'Brake NZ' said that every year 19 kids are killed on our roads and over 270 hospitalised. That shows we can do a lot better. So here is some advice on how to be a safer driver.

Look before you back

It can be hard to see when you are backing, especially when you are in a bigger car. If you have a reversing camera, great! However they don't catch everything. Before you get in your car, do a quick check behind it, is it clear? Sometimes you may even want to have someone making sure its clear as you back out. Look before you back.

Slow down in school zones

If you are in an area when kids are likely to be, then slow down a bit and be on the look out, especially if it is a busy area. All it takes is for someone to step out, not look and then its all over. Pull your speed back a bit and be prepared to stop.

Do not exceed 20km/h when passing school busses

Busses are big and will block your vision. It doesn't matter if they are picking up or dropping off, some kids will go to cross the road. If you are going slower it not only gives you time to stop if someone steps out, it also gives them time to see you and let you pass.

Double check for kids at intersections

Make sure you give yourself time to double check at an intersection, for cars and pedestrians. If it is a stop sign, stop. If its a give way then slow down and be prepared to stop, even if you can see that the road is clear. Double check for pedestrians.

Use the right child restraints in Your car

Keep kids in the right chairs/boosters/restraints until they are 148cm tall so if the car is in a crash, they will have the best protection.

Wear helmets when cycling, scootering and skateboarding, etc.

Even though riding along the footpath on a push scooter or skateboard doesn't seem dangerous, it doesn't take much to make them fall off and risk hitting their head. It's not worth the risk, put a helmet on them.

Stop, Look and Listen

This saying has been around for years because it works. Teach your kids to stop look and listen when they come to intersections, driveways they can't see down, crossings. Anywhere a car could be, stop, look both ways and listen for any vehicles.

Set a good example

The best way to show kids how to be safe on the road is to be a good example to them, don't go texting and driving, driving at the speed limit or more just because you can, running stop signs or orange/red lights. Be aware of where you are driving, keep your eyes on the road, and drive to the conditions.

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