Radar Detectors: Things that make you go splat!

This week on Workshop Wednesday we are talking about things that make you go splat, focusing on radar detectors. You know, that thing you put in your car which beeps when a police vehicle is near to your car.

Apparently (and a big surprise to us) they are classed as safety equipment. But do they really keep us safe?
Or do they help us get away with speeding and make the risk of going splat higher? Over to Zane and Hayden

Radar detectors, they're great! Letting you know when to pull your speed back under the speed limit when police are near. That's a great safety benefit. Well safety from getting a ticket, but helping you be a safer driver? Not so much.

Part of being a safe driver is following the speed limits. If we speed then we are not only putting ourselves in danger, but others out there on the road. So it makes sense that if we want to be safe drivers we should stay under the limit, right? Not to mention if you're driving in a company vehicle or on behalf of your organisation.

Do Radar Detectors Fit Into Being a Safe Driver?

Radar detectors let you know when a police vehicle is near, however if you're being safe and following the speed limit, should you really need to know when they're near? Surely you should have nothing to worry about. The thing is (if you haven't already got where we're going with this) radar detectors are pretty much designed to let you get away with speeding.

By having one you are basically giving yourself permission to not obey the road rules; it's not using common sense and you're being an #unsafedickhead. What's more, if your company allows the use or even promotes the use of radar detectors then they are pretty much saying to their staff that speeding and breaking the law is ok, just don't get caught. Hmm...

Do we need radar detectors?

If we want to be safer drivers and promote safe driving, we need to get rid of the radar detectors.
Honestly we don't need them. By simply following the speed limit (obeying the law) and driving to the conditions, you'll be less likely to have an accident; you'll have time to look out for hazards, react quickly if something happens and you'll be unlikely to go splat.
See you next week.

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