How PeopleSafe gets your staff involved in safety

We have been talking about getting your staff involved in safety for a while now, focusing on how important getting everyone on board can be with creating a good safety culture in your workplace.

As a result we have had a few people ask us, "How does your software (called PeopleSafe) help get people involved?" This is a great question that you should definitely be asking when you're looking for software or another solution when it comes to safety. So to answer the question, here are 3 of the main ways PeopleSafe helps get your staff involved. Over to Adelaide and Zane.

3 ways PeopleSafe gets your staff involved in safety

  1. Everyone gets a login. The idea with PeopleSafe is that you create a profile for all of your staff, that means they can login to PeopleSafe and straight away be able to see any risks listed and the safety plans for those, along with any important documents. This helps your staff actually know what's going on with safety in your business
  2. Everyone can tell their story. When something happens people used to have to go fill out some silly bit of paperwork that would get filed away and never seen again. With PeopleSafe they can simply login and tell their story, it's really simple. And instead of getting filed away and never seen again, it lets the right people in your business know what's happened and if there is anything they need to do about it.
  3. Online learning. Online learning is a great tool for getting your people involved, it helps you train your staff so you know they have the skills for the work. By using videos and PDF's explaining and showing your staff how to do jobs or how to deal with risks, everyone gets the same training which means no information gets left out or passed over.

So when you are looking for software or some other solution to do with safety in your business, whether that's PeopleSafe or not, make sure you ask, "How will it get my staff involved?" and "Is this actually going to help my staff or team to be safer?" And if that software or solution provider can't answer, then they may not be the best option for you.
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