Safety In An Office: 5 Things You Should Know

Working in an office is safe right? There are no risks. Or are there?

Today we talk about 5 common things that you should think about when you work in an office, because believe or not, there are plenty of risks that could end up with bad results.

Check out our 5 things below.

  1. Working at computers - Make sure your workstation is set up correctly so that it doesn't cause strains or pains.
  2. Doing things for too long - Have micro pauses, look away, get some fresh air. Taking breaks is not only good for your health but can help you focus more on the work when you come back to it.
  3. Lifting and Shifting things - Make sure you are lifting things correctly and if things are too heavy get someone to help. The last thing you want to do is hurt your back or pull something.
  4. Slips and Trips - Be careful with all those cables, mats, chairs and equipment lying around, put them in places where people don't always walk and be aware of where you are walking.
  5. Security - Are you making sure people aren't working alone? Or are you car parks well lit? Being secure in your workplace is really important as your staff's safety is really important.

So there are 5 of many risks in an office that you can think about and do something about to be that little bit safer. See you next week

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Kia ora. Today, we're looking at health and safety in an office. And five things that you need to start thinking about, because it's actually a serious thing.

It's true. So we sometimes think it's outside the office that's the issue: driving a fork lift, felling trees in a forest, racing a racing car, those are the risky things. But in an office, we've got five things. Number one, what is it?

Working at computers.

You're not wrong. So working at computers, people are hunched over like this typing away and it's not nice. Make sure your computer workstation is set up, otherwise you'll get long term illnesses. You have operations where they cut your hand open and sew it back together.
What's number two?

Doing things for too long, which result in things like eye strain if you're not careful.

That's right. So those micro-pauses, it sounds really like, "oh, yeah, got to have a micro-pause." But it is really important. Look away, take the chance to smell the birds, look at the trees, something like that.
Lifting and shifting things is number three, right?

That's our next thing.

We have got some cases here that are really, really heavy. We've got a 30 kilo case that holds some laptops in it. You've got to have two people lifting it because otherwise, next minute, we've got people down the A&E with a back injury, all that kind of stuff. Lifting the photocopy paper. Things we just generally move around the office, so think about it, lifting and shifting stuff.

And the next thing is slips and trips in the office. Often, we've got quite slippery floors and things like that. You've got to be careful.

Well, I don't want to mention any names, Hayden, actually. But the thing is, sometimes people leave crap everywhere and they need to pick it up because you slip over it, you trip up, you're having your cup of coffee in the morning and next minute, it's all over your brother, or mother, or sister, or something like that. And they're burned, they're off down to the A&E, and once again, it's been an office tragedy.

Got to be careful. And the next thing, the last thing of that five things, is security and actually when you're working alone, and being careful in the office with other people.

That's right. One of the things is we've noticed recently, there's heaps of stuff going on in the media. It's not nice, It's scary.
What have you done in your office? Are you making sure that people aren't working alone? Especially at night and stuff, how are they leaving the building? Are we sure cars are parked close that we can get access in and out easy?
Just things like that. Think about it. Talk about that.

So there's five things to make sure you do in your office to keep just a little bit safer.