How to keep your customers safe

This week we are talking about customers and keeping them safe while in your workplace. Is it as simple as just keeping everything tidy and secure or do we need to have a bit of an extra think around what can hurt people?

Check out the video and keep on reading.

Why do we need to keep customers safe?

You might be asking, "surely our customers can keep themselves safe. It's not that hard." Well apart from it being a good business practice to keep your customers safe, the new law coming into effect 4th April 2016, mentions 'Other People' (Customers/visitors/etc.) and that we have a responsibility to keep them safe in our workplace.

So no matter what sort of business or industry you might be in, there are some simple things that we can all do to help keep customers safe.

1. Look out for kids and people being crazy

Kids are notorious for running round and having fun and being imaginative. That seems ok, but we just need to keep in mind and ask ourselves, while they are running round or just being kids, is there anything that they could hurt themselves on? Or is there anything that they could move or knock over that could hurt someone else?

2. Keep your workplace tidy

One of the biggest things that can hurt people in any workplace is mess, whether it's spare parts, packaging, or product lying round, dirty or slippery floors, broken stuff, it can all create risks that our customers or visitors may not know about. So have a think, is there anything that you could tidy up or move so that a customer isn't going to trip up or hurt themselves?

3. Keep everything secure and safe

Here's where you can look at the risks in your workplace, it might be machinery, vehicles, product, shelving, or anything else. Have a think about them, if a customer, visitor or 'Other person' comes into your business what needs to happen to that risk or what do they need to know about the risk so that they stay safe? Keep in mind that it's often simple solutions that will keep people safe. And if a simple solution doesn't work, should customers or visitors really be around that risk?


While people will still be people and could hurt themselves, if we have done everything we can to make our workplace safe then it's a lot less likely to happen. That's us for another week, remember to look out for your customers and keep them safe.

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