How to Make a Training Video

Choosing Your Topic and Making a Script

So before you get to getting a camera and filming, you need a topic. It could be something like How to change a light bulb, or how to put more paper in the printer, whatever you want. We suggest for your first videos that you make, start the topic with the words "How to..."

Now get all the info to do with that topic and organise it so that it follows a straight forward, common sense process. Do this first, do this second, and so on. When it's all in order, you have a script which you can use as an outline. Sweet!

Choosing a Camera and Stuff About Microphones

You will need something to film this masterpiece of a video on. There are lots of cameras out there and you can choose any of them. So if you have got a phone which can take video then use it. If you don't have anything, head down to your local tech store, you can get ones for around $100, they will even be able to show you how to use it!


Microphones can be expensive! However most cameras will have in built microphones, they don't give the best quality but, if you can get where you are filming as quiet as possible, then the in-built microphone will work. Make sure you can clearly hear and understand the person talking, as that is really important!

Getting Good Light


You need to see what's happening in your video. So if you are in a light room or outside, great! But if you are in a dark room, then you may need to get some lights. However you don't need to go buy studio lights, use whats available to you, like a lamp.

Setting Up to Film

When you set up the camera, make sure it's at head height of your presenter, you can either hold it at this height, get a tripod or find something to rest it on. Why head height? Head height looks good to the viewer. If it's too low or high it will start to look a bit odd, so keep it head height.


Presenting and Filming

When you're presenting, imagine that instead of the camera being there, you have an audience. Actually show them what to do and be a bit excited and upbeat about it.

The easiest way to film is if you do it all in one 'take' as in having only one video clip at the end of it. However that's not always possible. If you end up with 2 or 3 or more clips, here's what you can do: 1. Plan for it and make a 3 part training video. OR 2. Use some software to edit them together.

There are countless types of editing software out there that are really easy to use, like iMovie for iPhone or iPad or video maker for Android. But for now try and get it in one take.
Once you have your final video upload it to PeopleSafe and then you will have your very own training video.

Example: How to Change a Light Bulb

So instead of just leaving it at that, we decided to make a training video for you to see what it could like.
Here is How to Change a Light Bulb fully made on an iPhone!
Camera: iPhone. Microphone: iPhone. Editing: iPhone.

So that's how to make a basic training video, let us know what you think and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and we will try to answer the best we can.

See you next time!