How does Innovation and Health and Safety Work?

WorkSafe now has a Chief Advisor Innovation who is tasked with looking at ways to improve the performance of H&S in New Zealand Workplaces.

Innovation, really… that doesn’t sound like the remit of a Government Regulator. I talked to the team at WorkSafe and managed to get hold of the guy that got the Job, Daniel Hummerdal and talk to him about what this Innovation thing was really about.

Gosh we talked about a whole lot of geeky safety stuff, but most importantly Daniel is super passionate about looking at safety in a fresh new way (Which PeopleSafers are already used to of course) but for some, what he has to say will come as a bit of a shock.

(SPOILER - he thinks safety at work is about doing the things that keep people healthy and safe)

First Up a quick summary with a REALLY GREAT story about what GOOD risk management could look like.

And here is the FULL Interview.