10 Useless Facts About High-Vis

High-Vis or High-Visibility is a safety feature/thing/object that a lot of people use at work. It comes in a range of clothing like vests, jackets, helmets, t-shirts, socks and probably undies.

The idea behind High-Vis is to simply to make you highly visible, but some people think that it's a fix all solution to lots of risks. So we thought why not make a top 10 facts list, turns out a lot of facts about high-vis are fairly useless but can be funny so here they are. Over to Zane and Adelaide.

Here we go, this is all you need to know about High-Vis:

  1. Orange High-Vis is better to wear on boats. Because there is a lot of blues and greens and every shade in between, orange high-vis will contrast the most, making you more visible.
  2. You are more likely to be killed by a deer than a shark. Im not to sure how this got into the list to be honest, but here it is.
  3. Horse riders often wear pink High-Vis to contrast more. For the same reason as number one, there are naturally a lot of green and orange colours but not a lot of pink.
  4. Some animals are naturally High-Vis. There are quite a few animals that are of a fluorescent  colouring, mainly seen in the ocean.
  5. If stung by a jellyfish, wee on the sting. The only way this relates to High-Vis is that some jellyfish are high-vis or are scared of high-vis or something like that. I don't know.
  6. In 1964 rail workers started wearing High-Vis. This is one of the first uses of high-vis vests, making them more visible, but will that stop a moving train?
  7. Silver High-Vis tape has thousands of glass beads in it. It's not just shinny tape, it has glass beads to really stand out and light you up like a christmas tree.
  8. There are High-Vis vests for chickens. Thats right high-vis for animals, this is so your animals can stand out from the crowd and be in fashion
  9. You are less attractive in High-Vis. Speaking about fashion, high-vis on humans is not fashionable apparently, it makes you less attractive. But you will stand out.
  10. High-Vis makes you slightly more visible, that is all. So popular belief is that putting on something high-vis makes you bullet proof, means that you can fly, that you are protected from all risks. Well, actually, it only makes you more visible, and thats if people are looking.

So High Visibility clothing, it seems to do lots, but really only makes you more visible. So if your safety plan is to wear High-Vis and everything will be ok, then it might be time to have a look at your risks and go, "Is High-Vis going to keep us safe from this?"

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, see you next week!

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