Helmets Are Now Compulsory In ALL Work Vehicles

It's the 1st of April and a new law has come into place,
If you are in a work vehicle you must be wearing a helmet

Here is Zane and Alice to tell you all about it.

Because the law around wearing helmets on quad bikes has worked so well over the past few months, parliament has voted in a new law which states all occupants of any work vehicle must wear helmets to stay safe.

However they have not specified what sort of helmet, this is to reduce the costs to you. So if you have a bike helmet, a hard hat, or any other type of head protection then that will be sufficient to follow the law.

The good news: If you are driving a private vehicle then you can carry on as normal, but if that vehicle is used with anything to do with your work, helmet up.

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This law comes into effect today, so get your helmet and don't be caught out.




April Fools!

For those of you that scrolled down did you notice the date? Thats right it's 1st April

So no, helmets are not compulsory but this announcement does highlight how stupid Health and Safety can sometimes be. If you don't want the stupid health and safety stuff in your business, then start focusing on your people and whats going to actually keep them safe. Have a look around your business and chat with your staff about what the real risks are and what the best and practical way to stay safe around them.

See you next week!