5 Reasons Why Health & Safety Meetings Suck

Health and Safety Meetings have this reputation of being boring meetings that are a waste of time. Most of the time this reputation is true, somehow people seem to make Health and Safety meetings suck. Why is this and how can we fix it?

This week we go over 5 reasons why Health and Safety Meetings suck and how you can do some simple things to make them a bit less sucky and more interesting.

So how do we make Health and Safety Meetings not so sucky?

  1. Make sure people know what the meeting will be about, this is simply being organised and letting people know before. This way everyone can come prepared for what will be discussed and might even have some good input on the topic.
  2. Boring people create boring meetings, so mix it up a bit. Get people who actually do the work to talk about the real issues they see and the solutions they have for them. Simply taking a different approach can liven up a meeting and help people stay awake and listen.
  3. When an issue comes up and is talked about at a meeting go and fix it. At least get it under way to fixing it by the next meeting so that you are not talking about the exact same issue and nothing has been done.
  4. Talk about the success that you have been happening. While it is important to go over the stuff that isn't quite right its just as important to talk about the good stuff so its not all doom and gloom. This way people can see that they are actually achieving things.
  5. Keep them nice and short, Go over the info that needs to be said and that is relevant. Don't waste time on 'formalities' that aren't needed and repeated information.

Health and Safety Meetings do not need to be boring and suck, liven them up, involve your workers and be straight to the point. You just might be surprised at the results.


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Hi there. Welcome to another Workshop Wednesday.
Today we're talking about five reasons why health and safety meetings suck. Why are we talking about that today?

Well, today because I'm just thinking, I'm involved with so many businesses and everyone hates health and safety meetings, right? Because they are awful, honestly. Let's be real.

They are.

So that's why we're doing it because all over the country people are going, are you serious?We've got to have a health and safety meeting?

Cool, well, let's get stuck in to these reasons.

Reason number 5: No one actually knows why they're having the meeting.

Yeah, this is so right. You know, these people turn up to these meetings.
"Oh, what are you here for?"
"Oh, a health and safety meeting, I think."
"What are we going to talk about?"
"I don't really know."
"Maybe we should talk about some health and safety stuff."

No one even knows. Sort your ____ out.

The next reason on the list is...

Reason number 4: Health and safety meetings are usually filled with health and safety people, which are usually boring.

Honestly, have you met some of these health and safety people? They are so yawn and boring. You need to mix it up. What you need to do is get a few interesting people on there.
And what I suggest, is you get someone on there that actually really does the work. And is out there going, "Aw man, if we could just do this. This would be awesome." And it's not hard. Its not complicated.

But what we do is we have these people on there that just talk health and safety talk. "And oh yeah, I got my LTI and my MTI and my PND and UTI," and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, spice it up, mix it up. That's what I say.

Cool. The next reason that your health and safety meeting sucks...

Reason number 3: The same thing is on the agenda every single meeting.

You might not know this because you're a young chicken lovely looking thing.
But the thing is, I've been to some health and safety meetings for some businesses and what happens is every meeting it's like,
"Have you fixed that pothole yet?"
"OK, let's carry that forward to the next meeting."

That's why your meetings suck. Honestly, get a life. Just fix it so you can put something else on there for next month.

We're down to number two.

Reason number 2: You don't actually talk about the good stuff, the juicy tidbits about what's actually going on.

Absolutely. What we do is we talk about all the stuff that went wrong and we get the health and safety stick out and beat some people with it, and that's what we do.

Talk about the good stuff. Celebrate your success, the great stuff that's happening every day. We see cool stuff happening to businesses where people are doing the right thing and actually looking out for each other.

All right, and we're down to our last reason.

Reason number 1: They're too long.

Oh, they are. They're just too long and boring. I mean, do you really need more than half an hour for a health and safety meeting, frankly?
I've been to some that are a couple hours long and it's awful!

So there you have it. Five reasons, right?

Yep, five reasons, done.

Why health and safety meetings suck. Do something about it. You can do it.
We'll see you next week for another Workshop Wednesday.