Having a good approach to safety

July is nearly over, that means we are well over halfway through the year!
So we thought for Workshop Wednesday this week we would have a bit of a look back and reminisce about the 25 Workshop Wednesday's this year.

We have talked about a few different topics from how to deal with risks to hearing stories about stupid things people can do and how to plan for it. We have even given you some facts about High-vis, now that's helpful! There has however been one idea that keeps on popping up, and that's been: Having a good approach to safety for your business.

So have a read, watch the videos below and have a think about your business, what is your approach to safety like?


Why have a Safety Plan for 2015

Unfortunately "Safety First," and "She'll be right," don't quite cut it. Having an actual and practical plan on how to be safe is a really good idea, however this doesn't have to be super complicated. Keep it nice and simple.

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Safety - It's Not Rocket Science

Safety can seem like a complicated mess of crazy things, much like rocket science. We don't think it should be. With a bit of common sense safety becomes less like rocket science and more, well simple.

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Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Safety

Businesses often try to sort all their safety stuff all at once so they never have to deal with it again. Unfortunately safety doesn't work like that. We think the easiest way to 'sort out' your safety is by using the crawl, walk, run approach.

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Why NOT to make a big deal about Health and Safety

When you make a big deal about Health and Safety things can get messy and you can start focusing on things that don't matter. It's a real risk, so lets avoid the risk and start focusing on things that will help us be safer.

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We all want to be safe at work and there are certain things that we need to do to make sure we are following the law, so doing safety stuff in your business is a must. But if we have a good approach to safety, (especially an approach that is positive, practical and involves your staff) then it can help change safety into something that's annoying and complicated to something that is simple and happens with the work you do.

So start creating some safety plans for your workplace, remember to keep them simple, it's not rocket science. Start with the simple stuff first, there is no need to do it all at once and don't make a big deal about 'Health and Safety', instead focus on the things that will help you be safer.

That's it for another Workshop Wednesday, see you again next week for an all new topic!


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