Get Your Safety Focus Right!

This week Zane has been writing on whiteboards and talking about making sure we focus on the right things when it comes to safety, should we focus on what will keep us out of jail, or something else? Check out the video below

I want to tell you that at PeopleSafe we care. We care about four main things right,

  • we care about keeping you out of jail and not being fined for being unsafe,
  • we care about your business being successful, profitable and not hurting it's people,
  • we care about the work you do, we know that the work you do has some risks,
  • and we care about your people because they make up your business.

Most businesses in New Zealand have under 20 staff, which means that you know the people in your business well and you care that they go home to their families at the end of the day. We don't want to kill them or hurt them.


So we are going to help you stay out of jail but we are going to start with your people, because we are going to get your focus right. Your focus needs to be on the people and the skills they have. However skills by don't really matter, it's actually about the work. Lets join people and the work together. So you need to focus on the work that you do and the people that are doing it. They need to have the skills to do the work safely.

The way that PeopleSafe does it is that we make you focus on two things around the work,

  • Risks - the stuff that can hurt us, most people will know the risks with the work but they won't have...
  • Safety Plans - PeopleSafe is going to help you create safety plans for the work.

Because you know the work that you do and know what's risky about it then you are fully equipped to make decisions and create the safety plans. You absolutely know what you could be doing to make the job safe.

You are going to make sure people have got the skills to do the work so they don't get hurt by the risks because you care about your people. If you do this then your business will be safer and you will be less likely to end up in jail or fined for being unsafe.

So how do I keep out of jail? How do I not break the law? The answer is making sure your People have the skills to do the work. Easy!

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