Forget about the Law! Really?

This week we are talking about why you should forget about the law. You might be going, "but hang on, it's the law we have to follow it, right?"

Well that's true, however there are so many times that we get hung up on the health and safety law and the best way to follow it, that we forget to watch out for each other and actually be safe. So lets forget about it for a moment. Over to Zane and Brandon.

Before we get into this any further, we just want to say that the health and safety law is important and we need to follow it, so don't go out there and start breaking the law. However should we focus and put all our energy into making sure we are following every aspect of it perfectly?

Why don't we just forget about the law for a moment and ask ourselves how can we actually stay safe in our workplace? The law won't stop a risk from being so risky, a practical and effective plan will. The law won't turn someone who isn't thinking into someone that is completely aware of their surroundings, and it won't perfectly train someone, giving people good training and making sure they know what they are doing will keep them safe.

We have three options when it comes to being safe:

  • We can do nothing and hope for the best(Don't do this one).
  • We can follow the law exactly and eventually after a lot of work, might become a safer business.
  • Or we can do practical things that actually help keep us safe.

Why not start with knowing your risks, or even just getting your staff's details, emergency contact and recording the skills and training they have. Do they have the right skills for the job? Do they know how to stay safe?
This is a really good and easy place to start. Once you have this info and its recorded in one easy to access place(like PeopleSafe) you can then move onto creating plans and solutions around the risks you deal with and become a safer business. Here are some tips about dealing with risks: 3 Easy Ways To Fix Your Big Risks

The best thing is that while we are forgetting about the law and we do simple things that keep us safe instead, we might actually end up following the law anyway. Thats it for another week, See you next time!

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