3 Easy Ways To Fix Your Big Risks

Late last year we did a Workshop Wednesday on 3 ways to fix your big risks and people loved it. So we decided to revisit it. If you want to check out the original post click here: 3 Ways to Fix Your Big Risks 
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One of the things that we need to do with Health and Safety in businesses, small or large, is manage the risks that we face. We all face risks, so don't go saying "I'm ok, I don't have any risks." They may be something basic like tripping up on some loose cables or a step or something more serious like getting squished by racking full of heavy car parts falling over or by being electrocuted by exposed wires. Ouch!

Now you might be going "Stupid Health and Safety, why does it have to be complicated, its a pain in the a***!"

Well we are here to tell you we understand, and say that it doesn't need to be complicated. We have 3 easy ways to fix your big risks

3 ways to fix your big risks

The law says we have to manage risks so unfortunately we can't get out of doing it. So step 1 is sorting all the risks so that everything becomes safe, right? NO! Not at all. We know you are busy and your job is not Health and Safety. We do need to keep safe though, so here we go

  1. Find out what the top five risks are in your business. Walk around your work place, take photos, talk to your employees and find out what the risky things are. Then decide on the top 5. You could even do this over a couple of weeks, as you find a risk, write it down. Easy.
  2. Talk with your team (The people that have to deal with these risks) about ways to make these risks safer. They should be really practical solutions. Easy.
  3. Then do the things you talked about. So many people talk about things but never do them. So to actually be safe you need to follow through with your solutions, then after a few weeks, review it, is the solution working, does it need to change? Pretty easy really.

If you are thinking, "I just don't have time to do 5," we understand, you still have to run a business and make money, time is valuable. But instead of not doing anything with the risks, break it down even further, start with 1, what is your top risk? Once you have a plan in place for that and it is being followed, move onto the next big risk. Again, there is no need to get everything sorted all at once, keep it practical. Easy.

A place to record it all

Recording these risks and the solutions is really important. This way the people in your workplace can remind themselves and read up on the solutions and stay safe.
The place we think you should do this is in the PeopleSafe app. You can record the risk down, keep track of it, review it, and have one place where employees can go to find out how to stay safe in your workplace. And its really easy to use! You can read more about this here.

So there are 3 really easy ways to fix your big risks, See you next week!

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